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Premium Solar Energy Systems
& Solar Installation

With over 200 residential and commercial solar projects installed across 7 states and over 500 MW of utility-scale solar projects in different stages, Sustainable Energy Solutions is one of the most accomplished solar companies in South Carolina as well as one of the largest in the Southeast.

We offer Project Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations, Maintenance and Financing Solutions for any size project – from utility scale solar farms to small residential installations.

The Sustainable Energy Solutions mission is to spread environmental awareness by promoting renewable energy solutions. We stand behind the quality and value of all of our products and services at Sustainable Energy Solutions, and we firmly believe in helping pave the way to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.


This solar panel installation in Stono Ferry, South Carolina is actually the second system we installed on this house. Our customers were so happy with their energy savings from the first solar install that they hired us again to install a solar pergola above their patio, doubling their power generation capacity!

This solar panel installation in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina will reduce our customer’s energy bills by over 60% in conjunction with a solar thermal water heating system.

Our solar customers on Edisto Island, South Carolina added solar panels to the roof of their beach home so that the home could enjoy the sun as much as they do! Their energy bills decreased and their home value increased as a result!

The Soluga I solar farm in Sampson County, South Carolina generates 9,600 MWh of electricity every year using only the energy collected from sunlight! This solar farm provides clean electricity to more than 750 homes and will produce power over the next 30 years.

This 5.04 kW solar panel installation in Lexington, SC will produce 43% of the homeowners’ needed energy, allowing them to take control of rising energy costs. The system will provide approximately $45,000 dollars in energy savings over the next 30 years!

This 7.93 kW solar panel installation in Mt. Pleasant, SC will produce 32% of the homeowners’ needed energy, allowing them to take control of rising energy costs. The system uses 305W LG solar panels and will provide approximately $72,000 dollars in energy savings over the next 30 years!

This Folly Beach, South Carolina solar energy installation features 17 255W panels on multiple arrays for a total of 4.34 kW. The solar project will provide 41% of power required within the home, saving our customer approximately $1,200 dollars each year.

This 4 kW solar energy installation in Sumter, South Carolina is designed to offset 72% of our customer’s monthly energy costs. The 250W Renesola solar panels used will provide over $26,000 dollars worth of electricity savings over the next 30 years!

This 18.5 kW Solar Power installation in Florence, SC features 74 solar modules installed via ground mount. It is designed to offset nearly all of the power used in this home and small farming operation!

This Charleston, South Carolina home solar install features 42 LG 280W solar panels and microinverters for a total system size of 11.76 kW. The install will deliver over 12,000 kWh each year, offsetting our Charleston customer’s home power bill by nearly 100%!

This 8.06 kW solar ground mount installation in Pendleton, South Carolina features 26 310W Canadian Solar panels tied to Fronius inverters. The solar installation will provide our customers with nearly $60,000 dollars in energy savings over the next 30 years. The project also has sustainability benefits equivalent to planting 200 trees every year!

This Charleston, SC solar panel installation features 48 280W LG solar panels installed across 3 arrays for a total of 13.44 kW. It will provide our Charleston, South Carolina homeowner with 65% solar energy, and the remaining 35% to be provided from the grid. It will generate over 16,000 kWh each year, and provide over $100,000 dollars worth of total energy savings.

Our solar customer on James Island, South Carolina first hired us in February 2015 to install an 8.12 kW solar project. It was designed to offset 38% of their power costs, and then in May, just a few months later, we were again hired to install an additional 2.24 kW solar array.

Our solar customer in Charleston, South Carolina had us design and install an 8.12 kW system using 280W LG solar panels to help him reduce home energy costs by almost 100%. The solar installation pictured here will pay for itself in under 7 years, at which point the energy it produces will be free for the next 23+ years!

This solar powered home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina uses 31 280W LG solar panels for a total installation of 8.68 kW. Not only will the solar improvement lower the customer’s energy bill by 90%, it will also increase the resale value of the home!

This commercial solar installation in Andrews, South Carolina features 42 250W solar modules connected to a battery bank and tied into the manufacturing facility’s critical panel. In the case of a grid interruption, the emergency solar power system will kick on and ensure that the organization does not lose power.

Solar energy is a great solution for retired persons and people on fixed monthly income. This 5.0 kW solar panel installation in Charleston, SC will produce 100% of the homeowner’s needed energy, allowing her to take control of her monthly power bill with predictability and peace of mind.

This solar panel installation in Wando, South Carolina features 35 300W panels installed on the south-west facing roof of the customer’s home for a total system size of 10.5 kW. The solar energy improvement will offset 44% of annual home energy costs, generating nearly 11,000 kWh each year.

Our latest solar powered home installation in Mount Pleasant, SC uses 43 LG 280W solar panels for a total system size of 12.04 kW. The home will now use the sun’s free and unlimited energy resource 70% of the time, with the remaining 30% of power requirements coming from the local utility grid.

Metal roofs are becoming more popular thanks to their longevity and resilience to damage from storms. This 9.52 kW solar panel installation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina features 34 280W LG solar panels installed atop a metal roof.

This 25.575 kW solar installation was at one time the largest residential solar system in South Carolina, as well as the largest with SCE&G. The solar install includes 93 275W SolarWorld PV panels with Enphase microinverters, as well as a whole house energy monitoring solution along with the standard solar monitoring system. Edisto Island, South Carolina is becoming a hot bed for solar power!

Our latest solar panel installation in Fair Play, South Carolina is a 12.88 kW system using 46 280W SolarWorld modules. The installation is designed to offset 44% of the annual home energy cost, and produce the environmental equivalent to planting 282 trees each year. It will deliver nearly $100,000 in cumulative financial savings over the next three decades!

This 9.54 kW solar panel installation in Mt. Pleasant, SC will produce 49% of the homeowners’ needed energy, allowing them to take control of rising energy costs. The system will provide approximately $82,000 dollars in energy savings over the next 30 years!


SES will work with you to evaluate any applicable financial incentives including tax credit and grant opportunities.



We offer a wide range of options to fit your needs and budget.



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“Sustainable Energy Solutions is a great company to work with. They were very accommodating, very knowledgeable, and very efficient in designing and installing a system that met all my needs and preferences. Their staff and installers were very attentive to my concerns with any arose and more prompt in…”

“SES did all of the leg work from permits to meeting with the HOA. The install is very clean and they even took the time to paint conduit to match the house.” – Matt T.

“Everything was done in a professional manner and ahead of schedule. Their employees were very courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. I have and will continue recommend this company to others.”

“We initially had a solar hot water heater installed by someone who went out of business. We called Paul Fleury and they serviced the old system and put panels on our south facing roof. This was 3 years ago. Last summer we added and now have the whole roof…”

“We had a longstanding interest in solar energy The team at Sustainable Energy Solutions gave us all the information to go ahead. They were very professional and considerate during installation and are now taking us through the final certification process.”

“Smooth process from start to finish. Very happy with the results!” -Jason N.